Privacy Policy for 3rd World Farmer - Android app on Google Play

Last Updated: 01/14/2020

This Privacy Policy concerns the app 3rd World Farmer published by Creative Spark Studios on GooglePlay: 3rd World Farmer

Which data do we collect for 3rd World Farmer?

3rd World farmer is a paid app. It displays no ads and uses no analytics solutions. No personally identifyable data is collected.

Game Data

We collect general game data that Google Play allows as their standard. The data collected is not connected to any personal information of the players, but simply allows for us to tracks trends and problems across our games. Your purchase of the app on Google Play is handled by Google, and no personally identifiable payment info or details are transferred to our company.

How do we use the data?

Data collected on game platforms are used to improve our products on those platforms and to improve future products.

Who has access to the data?

Ourselves, the company, and employees have access to the data. Former employees do not have access to the data.

External partners will not have direct access to the data.

External Links in the App

The 3rd World Farmer app does display a link to our main website ( on the game over screen, and it does support our leaderboards system. If you choose to submit your game score from the app on game over, we might store your game score, the username you enter, as well as your ip address (for displaying your country's flag via automated lookup of your location, based on the ip address). If you follow the link to our website, please see the general privacy policy for our website on this link:

The app also contains a link to the Facebook page for 3rd World Farmer. If you visit the link and want to know more about how facebook handles your privacy, you can find their privacy policy here:


If you have questions or want your data changed or removed, feel free to contact us here: