3rd World Farmer

- A thought-provoking simulation

3rd World Farmer lets you experience some of the hardships of farming in a poor country. Will you prosper despite corruption and lack of basic neccessities? Or will endless wars, diseases, droughts, and unreliable markets perpetuate your economic disadvantage and spell your ultimate doom?

3rd World farmer is a serious game, developed on a very slim budget. It is not precise in all details, but covers a wide range of topics. It is meant to be both educational and slightly provocative, with the sole intent of making people think about these topics and, hopefully, realize that each of us can make a difference in helping to end poverty.


3rd World Farmer no longer requires Flash Player, which has reached end of life in January 2021. The game has been ported to HTML5 and should now run in most modern browsers on most operating systems and devices.

For a limited time the flash-based version of the game will remain available here:

Flash-based game version

Get it on Google Play

3rd World Farmer is now available for android on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play