Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical requirements for playing 3rd World Farmer?
3rd World Farmer is an online html5 game, so it just requires an internet browser with javascript enabled. Earlier version relied on Adobe Flash Player, but that's no longer neccessary. Desktops, laptops and tablets are recommended due to their larger screen sizes, but the game should run on most smartphones as well.
I can't access the website from my workplace or school, what is wrong?
Many schools and offices have firewalls that block websites featuring games and other content not directly related to work and study. Usually you can contact a tech person and ask to have a specific website unblocked.
How do I play the game?
Please see How To Play in the extensive online 3rd World Farmer Manual.
Is there a Teacher's Guide to using 3rd World Farmer in class?
We list some general guidelines and have links to many lesson plans on the For Educators page of the 3rd World Farmer Manual.
Can I help translate 3rd World Farmer into my own language?
Yes, by all means. Our current translations (Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Czech, Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, and Turkish) were all contributed by volunteers, so shoot us an email if you want to hear more about translating it into your own language. The English language version contains roughly 3500 words.
Is 3rd World Farmer affiliated with political or religious groups?
No, we think we should all try to overcome our differences in order to help those worst off.
Is there a 3rd World Farmer app for iOS or Android?
3rd World Farmer for Android is available here:
Get it on Google Play
We're still working on a dedicated iOS version of the game, although the online version runs well enough on iPads.