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3rd World Farmer - test build v.1.7.200

- A thought-provoking simulation

The above version of 3rd World Farmer is released Sep. 2018 for a public usertest. We encourage all players to contact us with feedback or any bugs or problems experienced with the new build.

A brief list of features since last version:

  • Chinese translation included. Thanks to Shirley Chu, David Rentai Choi, and the team at U77 for this!
  • New game events including Cattle Herding, Bird Trapping, Collecting Firewood and more.
  • Slightly adjusted balancing, especially with regards to bride gifts and annual yield per crop/livestock.
  • Removed ads from the game completely.
  • Many small interface changes, regarding window frames, button sizes, and fonts.
  • High scores submission should work again - and text related to high score submission is now multi-lingual.
  • Thanks also to Jaume Carrascosa, Thiago Gabetto and Yasmine Kasbi for updating the Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and French translations respectively.

Again - if you experience any problems playing the new version, please let us know, so we can fix it before this version replaces the current stable build :-)

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Known issues

  • Italian, Czech and German translations of new event strings need review.
  • Possible issues with device fonts vs. embedded fonts on some systems.