When the player has made their choices and clicks on the ‘End turn’-button, a brief calendar animation will play. Then the Annual Report will pop up.

The Annual Report describes the results of the year. How much was earned from crops and livestock? What were the living expenses? And what other events occurred? The report consists of several sections, which will be explained here in more detail.

Screenshot of the 3rd World Farmer Annual Report.

Event of the Year Section

Every year, one of the game’s random events will happen. An image and description of the event will appear in the event section of the annual report. The description of the event and it’s consequences in this section are in general terms, while the actual effect to the player (if any) is reflected by the numbers in other sections of the annual report.

For example, if a crop type fails, this would reflect in the Crops Section of the report, while events affecting the family’s savings or living costs would be reflected in the Spendings and Earnings Section.

Which event happens is random, although some events have a higher chance of happening when the player is doing well in the game. See the Events of the Year page for more details on this.

Summary Section

The summary section of the annual report always states how much money the family has, and how many family members are left on the farm.

If the family has earned too little to meet their basic needs, there will be a message that their health has suffered as a consequence.

If there are deaths in the family due to ageing, low health or as consequences of risky choices in relation to Special Events, they will also be described here.

Similarly, childbirths are also announced in the summary section.

Crops Section

The crops section shows how many units of each type of crop were harvested, and what price each unit was sold for. If crops are lost due to drought, crops failures or other events, they will not appear here. So the number of harvested crops will not neccessarily be the same as the number of crops planted.

The Tools bonus shows the added bonus from all tools owned on the farm. In the example screenshot above, 7 units of Corn each yielded $8, so with a tools bonus of +10%, the final outcome for crops is:

7 * 8 * 1,10 = 61,6 which is then rounded to a Crops total of $62 on the report.

Livestock Section

This section explains how much is earned on each head of the different types of livestock. Animals that are lost due to events such as animal diseases, will already have been removed and hence not appear in this section.

The Buildings bonus is the added value of all buildings on the farm that enhance livestock yields.

The Livestock totals figure is simply the yield with the bonus multiplied in.

In the example screenshot above, 1 chicken yields $8, and with a buildings bonus of +10%, this gives a total of 8,8 which is rounded to $9.

Spendings and Earnings Section

This section contains more details and calculations in order to reach the final outcome of the year. Let’s describe each line:

Base income this year is simply the crop and livestock totals from previous sections added together.

Family work capacity is the sum of each present family member’s workload capacity stat. The stat depends on their age, education, health and other activities (such as attending school or being pregnant this turn). Note that the summed work capacity can be above or below 100%.

Annual event modifier is usually zero, but some events, like Good Season, affect all income by a set percentage which is specified here.

Income this year (income * multipliers) shows the base income multiplied by the cumulative modifiers for workload capacity and annual events.

Saved from last year shows how much money the family had left from the last turn.

Living costs are based on the number of family members on the farm. It can also be significantly impacted by certain events, such as Sickness in the Family. If the family has a Crop Insurance, it’s annual cost of around $20 is also added to the living costs.

Total is then income plus savings minus living costs, and should correspond to the number in the Summary section. This is how much money the family has at the beginning of the next game turn.

Please note that if the total is $0 or below, there’s a chance the player will experience a Special Event after closing the annual report.