Event Description

Paramilitray Training Camp

A local intiative to train paramilitary forces has been undertaken, and land is needed to set up temporary camps. You are offered money in exchange for letting the militia use som of your less fertile land for one of their camps.

Money offered: $80

Do you accept the deal?

Paramilitray Training Camp event screenshot – 3rd World Farmer.

In-game Effects

If the player accepts the deal, he will receive the money and the camp will appear visually in the background of the game screen, behind the farm.

Paramilitary Camp Graphic Element – 3rd World Farmer.

During the year, there’s a significant risk that the paramilitary camp will be destroyed in an attack, and that one of the farm family members will be caught in the crossfire and die. If this happens, the following message will be displayed on the next annual report:

The training camp is destroyed in battle… One person got caught in the crossefire and has died.

Whether this happens or not, the temporary camp will disappear at the end of the year.

External Links

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