Project Description


Supporting a politician who wants peace, health, and prosperity may be a good idea.

Appearance and In-game Effects

The money paid by the player goes to support the campaign of a political representative who will defend the interests of the local community in various ways. Once the money is paid, a mailbox will appear near the player’s hut.

The mailbox represents the representative.

When the mailbox is clicked, an info box will appear.

Representative Popup text:
The local representative looks after the interests of the local community, fighting corruption and lawlessness. Reliable postal services is just one important improvement.

The representative has various functions:

  • The Crop Insurance project, for which the representative is a pre-requisite, can now be purchased.
  • A representative protects the players against the Raid By Guerilla Forces event, so the player won’t lose equipment, livestock, and money from those.
  • A representative protects against the Corrupt Officials event, so the player won’t lose his savings.

Additional Info

In order to win the game, the player must complete all six projects, including supporting a representative.

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