Tool Types

There are five different types of tools available in 3rdWorldFarmer. Each of them add a cumulative bonus to the revenue generated from crops.

The bonus from tools is shown on the Annual Report as ‘Tools bonus’

Tool Requirements

Any tool can be bought, if the player has enough money for it and if there’s a free tool tile where it can be placed. The player can own multiple copies of each type of tool.

Placement of Tools

There are 4 tiles where tools can be placed.

3rd world farmer tool tiles
The 4 tiles where tools can be placed are highlighted with green arrows when a tool has been selected from the expanded top left tools menu.


Although it’s a bit counter-intuitive, there’s no bonus in 3rd World Farmer for having many different tools available on the farm. Instead, the more expensive tools simply give a higher bonus to crop yields, even with multiple copies of the same one. So don’t hold on to the cheap tools once you can afford better ones – there’s really no reason to.

Events Affecting Tools

The Angry Mob event, which appears if the player neglects his fields for many years in a row, causes the player to lose all his tools.

The Guerillas event will cause the player to lose all tractors and harvesters, as well as money and livestock, unless he has paid a political representative.

The Theft event will cause a player to lose all shovels and scythes.

The Civil War event includes a 75% risk that each owned tool will be lost or destroyed in the conflict.