Wheat Crop


Wheat is an affordable crop with a correspondingly modest yield. Its buying price and harvest revenue both fluctuate a bit more than Corn, but less so than Cotton and Peanuts.

Relevant Events

If the Wheat Harvest Fails, all wheat crops are lost. If the player owns a Crop Insurance, he will be financially compensated for this loss.

Wheat will also be lost in a Dry Season event, but here, either a Well or a Crop Insurance will protect him.

As with other crops, revenue from wheat will increase whenever a Good Season or Splendid Harvest annual event occurs.

If there’s a Civil War, roughly 75% of all wheat (and other crops) will be lost.

The Market Prices Drop and Crash of the National Bank events both result in lowered crop revenues, down to around a third of the usual yield.


All tools that the player owns, will improve revenue from crops, including wheat. The bonus from tools is displayed on the Annual Report.

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