The Workload Capacity stat indicates the family member’s capacity for and efficiency at farm work in 3rd World Farmer.

The higher the number, the more will be earned on crops and livestock. The family’s combined workload capacity is always shown as a modifier on the Annual Report.

How Workload Capacity Is Calculated

Workload is affected both by each family member’s age, health and educational level, as well as by what other activites the person has chosen for the year, such as going to school or becoming pregnant.

Here, Hanna’s workload score is at 10%. She’s in her prime years and at full health, but attending school and being pregnant both lower her capacity for farmwork tasks this year.

Infants have negative workload scores, because they require attention more than they contribute to farm work. Children have 0 workload capacity until the age of 6, where they can begin to contribute a little bit.

Improving Workload

Sending kids to school early on is a good way of raising their work proficiency above the default value of 75% held by adults at full health.

Giving medicine to family members with low health is also important, because increasing their health automatically increases workload score as well.

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