Building types

There are three main building types in 3rd World Farmer. Each of them add a bonus to the annual revenue from Livestock. Different buildings are also required for buying the different types of livestock. Furthermore, the well provides protection against droughts and events like crop failures, so it’s a good investment and worth highlighting.

Note: Some of the Projects such as the school and health clinic are also buildings, but not in the game’s terminology – these are thought of more as communal projects, and follow other rules than the player-owned buildings. For example, projects can only be built once, are not destroyed in events, and can’t be sold.

Building Requirements

Buildings cost money to construct, but other than that, there are no requirements for owning them.

Building Placement

7 tiles are specifically for buildings. The will all be highlighted with green arrows when a building has been selected from the expanded top left buildings menu. To construct a building, simply click with the selected building in one of the appropriate tiles.

The building tiles highlighted for placing a shed.

Once a building has been placed, it can be sold again via the sell screen.

The player can own as few or many of each type of building as desired. One building of each type will suffice for buying any amount of livestock. Multiple copies of one building type, however, will still add to the buildings bonus for livestock on the annual report.

Events affecting Buildings

Fires will destroy all sheds and barns.

Civil War will destroy 3 out of 4 buildings chosen at random.

Wells Cave In will destroy all wells.

Angry Mob will destroy all player-owned buildings.