A pig will generate revenue for the farm family every year. Each instance is thought to represent at least a few pigs and piglets, so there’s potential for replenishing the stock and selling off meat and/or piglets for breeding. The purchasing price and expected annual revenue from pigs are higher than for chickens and lower than for cattle and elephants.


In order to buy pigs, the player must have purchased at least one shed and one well.

Selling Pigs

Pigs can be sold again from the sell menu.

Relevant Events

The Pig Disease event will cause the player to lose all chickens.

The Angry MobGuerillas, and Refugees events will cause a player to lose all pigs, as well as all other types of livestock. However, the Guerillas event will not affect the player if he has completed the Representative project.

The Civil War event will cause the player to lose approximately three out of four heads of livestock, chosen at random.

External Links

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