Event Description

Growing Opium

A travelling salesman has come by and offers you a lucrative deal. He will pay you some money immediately, if you agree to sow and harvest his opium poppies, so they are ready when he returns at the end of the year.

Money offered: $25 (may vary)

Fields to sow: 5 (may vary)

Do you accept the deal?

Growing Opium event screenhost – 3rd World Farmer.

In-game Effects

If the player accepts this proposal, the poppies will appear as a new type of crop in the crops menu. Unlike other crops, the poppies don’t cost any money to plant, but are limited in number to the amount represented in the offer. This is generally between 3-7 crop units. The reward comes not only from the initial amount described in the deal, which becomes immediately available, but also from selling the crops to the trader at a price shown in the next annual report. It is generally a high income per crop compared to the other crop types.

Accepting the deal also comes with a very high risk that the fields will raided, killing one family member working there. If this happens, a message will appear on the annual report:

“A sudden airstrike destroyes your opium fields… and kills one family member working there.”

– 3rd World Farmer

Additional Info

This is a very rare event in the game, appearing in around 1% of the special event cases.

External Links

UNODC on methods to address illicit drug crop cultivation:

“Myanmar Opium Survey 2018 Cultivation, Production and Implications,” UNODC, 2018:

“Afghanistan’s opium production is through the roof—why Washington shouldn’t overreact,” brookings.edu, 2017: