Event Description

Cattle Herding

Water scarcity forces a local cattle farmer to seek greener pastures in a neighbouring region. There are contesting herders there, so he’ll pay you well for your assistance in driving and protecting the cattle.

You can make $60

Take the job?

Cattle Herding event screenshot – 3rd World Farmer.

In-game Effects

If the player takes the job, he will get $60 for the upcoming season. However, there will be a significant risk that one family member will die in a dispute with the contesting herders and be removed from the farm. If this happens, the player will be notified about it on the next annual report.

External Links

“How Nigeria’s cattle war is fuelling religious tension,” BBC, 2018:

“Why Kenya’s cattle raids are getting deadlier,” Aljazeera, 2016:

“The Mundari: The tribe dying for their cows,” by Thomas Page, for CNN, 2016: