In-game effects

Sheds increase the yields from livestock by a small percentage. The combined increase for all sheds and other buildings can be seen on the annual report in the buildings bonus field.

Sheds also allow the player to invest in chickens. One shed is sufficient for any amount of chickens, only limited by the number of available livestock tiles. For keeping pigs, both a shed and a well is needed.

Sheds can be sold at around half their cost of purchase if the player urgently needs cash.

Events Affecting Sheds

The following events affect player-owned sheds:

Fires will destroy all sheds (and barns.)

Civil War will destroy 3 out of 4 buildings chosen at random.

Angry Mob will destroy all player-owned buildings, including sheds.

If all player-owned sheds are destroyed or sold, the chickens and pigs that depended on the sheds will still remain on the farm unharmed. However, new chickens and pigs cannot be purchased until at least one new shed has been built.

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