Project Description

Crop Insurance

Crop insurances pay off when there’s a drought in the area, or when a crop type fails completely.


In order to buy the crop insurance from the expanded projects menu, the player must first have invested in the support of a political representative.

Appearance and In-game Effects

When the player invests in crop insurance, a document will be seen on the farmer family’s hut.

Crop insurance graphics item

When the document is clicked, the following info box will pop up.

Crop Insurance Popup text: The crop insurance is good to have in case of drought or a failed harvest. It costs you a small amount that is added to your living costs every year.

As explained, the crop insurance cost a little every year, typically around $20, whether there’s a drought or not. This amount will be included in the family’s living costs on the annual report.

The insurance makes the player unaffected by the following events, by fully compensating any losses:

Additional Info

Crop Insurance is one of the six projects the player must complete in order to win the game. Once built, the insurance will be renewed each year, and cannot be removed, renegotiated, sold or destroyed by player actions or events.

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