Project Types

Projects are a broad category of larger investments that the player can make in 3rd World Farmer. There are six different projects to complete, and each of them alters the gameplay in its own way.

The projects represent improvements to the farm and the surrounding society that are needed in order to break the cycle of poverty and guarantee a better future for the farmer family and local community. This is reflected both in the way each project affects gameplay, and in the fact that completing all six projects wins the game.

Project Requirements

All projects cost money to build. Only the Crop Insurance project has any other requirement, namely that the Representative project must be completed beforehand.

Project Placement

Projects can be purchased from the expanded projects menu in the top left corner of the game screen.

The projects menu expanded – items will remain grayed out and unclickable until the player has sufficient money to invest.

Once purchased, projects will appear in pre-determined spots around the farm, so unlike the other investment types, there’s no freedom in placing them. Each project can be completed only once. They are indestructible by events and can neither be sold nor removed once completed.

Winning 3rd World Farmer

If a player completes all six projects, in any order, the game will end on the following turn, and the player has won.

When clicking to build the last of the six projects, a hint will appear:

(Hint: When the last of the projects from the menu has been built, the game ends on the following turn (YOU WIN!), and your final score is calculated.)

Screenshot with all projects built – communications (antenna), infrastructure (asphalt road), School, Clinic, Representative (represented by mailbox), and crop insurance (document nailed to the hut). 3rd World Farmer.

And on the game over screen, the following text will be displayed:

3rd world farmer game won message
(GAME OVER – Congratulations! You have managed to provide your family and local area with a much brighter future. )

Projects and Game Score

Each project the player completes before game over, earns him an extra 50 points in the calculation of the final score, which can be uploaded to the game’s online leaderboards.

Completing all projects and winning the game, gives an extra 500 points.