In-game Effects

Wells provide easy access to water and gives an annual bonus to all livestock on the farm. The bonus is cumulative with that of other buildings (and additional wells) and can be seen on the annual report in the buildings bonus field.

Furthermore, the well protects the player against droughts by ensuring that at least one crop survives, and that only around 50% of the remaining crops wither and die – instead of the usual 100%. This protection is not enhanced by owning multiple wells.

A well is also required for raising different kind of livestock, such as Pigs (which also require a Shed), and Cattle and Elephants (which also require a Barn).

Like other buildings, the well can be disassembled and sold for about one third of what it cost to build it.

Events Affecting Wells

All wells are destroyed in the case of a Wells Cave In annual event.

Civil War will destroy 3 out of 4 buildings chosen at random (each with a destruction risk of 75%.)

Angry Mob destroys all player-owned buildings, including any wells.

External Links

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“Why are Africa‚Äôs wells failing?” by Gaathier Mahed, World Economic Forum, 2015:

“Experts Name the Top 19 Solutions to the Global Freshwater Crisis,” Circle of Blue, 2010:

“The boy who harnessed the wind,” inspiring movie about a boy from Malawi who builds a windmill to power a water pump that saves his village from the drought.