Project Description


A local clinic will provide cheaper health services for people in the region.

Appearance and In-game Effects

Once bought, the clinic will appear as a building behind the player’s farm.

The clinic graphic.

The graphic item can be clicked, which opens a popup with some information about it.

Clinic Popup text: The local health clinic makes it a lot cheaper to get basic medicine and health services. Remember to keep an eye on family health, as work efficiency depends on each family member’s health.

As the popup states, managing farm family members’ health is now significantly cheaper for the player. Each health point’s worth of medical aid now costs $1 instead of $2.

Additional Info

The health clinic is one of six projects that the player must invest in, in order to win the game. Once built, the clinic will remain in the game and cannot be sold, removed or damaged by events or player actions.

External Links

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“Why health clinics may hinder developing countries’ efforts,”, 2017: