Event Description

Artisanal Mining

Being low on cash, a neighbour has started digging for cobalt and other rare minerals on his lands – and he’s had some luck! He’s willing to help you set up your own artisanal mine, although safety could be a concern.

Expected profit: $100

Start digging?

3rd world farmer artisinal mining
Artisanal Mining event screenshot, 3rd World Farmer.

In-game Effects

On acceptance, the player will receive the expected $100. However, at the end of the following season a random check is performed to see whether the mine collapses, killing one farm family member in the process. The risk is relatively high, compared to other special events.

If an accident does occur, it will be explained in the summary section of the annual report. In either case, the mine is considered exhausted after one season and will not provide any additional revenue after the first $100.

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