About the Events in 3rd World Farmer

In 3rd World Farmer, each game turn represents a year, and every year the player is presented with an ‘Event of the Year,’ which impacts the farm and family in varying ways.

This section describes all the events and their in-game effects. When relevant, the individual event descriptions will also provide useful hints, additional info, and inspirational links to external resources for students interested in learning more about the event topics.

Standard Events

The following events are all equally likely to happen in any given year.

Rich Events

For game balancing reasons, the following events are more likely to happen in years when the player is otherwise performing well and making a profit.

Special Events

Just like the Rich Events are likely to happen when the player is doing well, 3rd World Farmer features a number of special events that are likely to happen when the player is failing and low on cash. The special events are not annual events, but appear in their own pop-up windows as opportunities that the player can either accept or decline.

Read more about these on the Special Events page.

Idle Events

This event is a special case, in that it will only happen if the player is idle and has completely neglected his fields for a number of years in a row.