Event Description

Child Witch

A small child approaches you in the field. It looks hungry and a bit scared. Perhaps it has been abandoned under the pretext that it was a ‘child witch’ because its family couldn’t feed it. It offers you a coin.

Coin worth: $1

Accept child into family?

Child Witch event screenshot – 3rd World Farmer.

In-game Effects

If the player choses so, the child is accepted into the family and becomes a family member. The child can be either a boy or a girl, around 5 years of age. The player also gets the one dollar.

Additional Info

This event will only occur if there are fewer than 8 people living on the farm, since that is the current maximum family size that the game can handle. It is also a very rare event, which only occurs in around 1% of the special event occassions.

External Links

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