Project Description


Supporting a local school makes education cheaper and easier to attain.

Placement and In-game Effects

When the school project is built, the school building appears graphically behind the player’s farm. The school can be clicked on, which opens up this info box.

(The local school means that you can get cheaper education and have more time to spend on the farm. Every year spent in school yields new knowledge, which means you can get better jobs if you leave the farm, but also that your farm work efficiency improves.)

Once the school is built, the annual school fee is halved for family members attending class. Attending will also reduce their work capacity on the farm by less than otherwise, since the new school is much closer by, so there’s less travelling time and more time left for farm work. Of course, each year in school will add to that family member’s education level, which in turn affects workload capacity, job offers, and marriage prospects.

Additional Info

The school is one of the six projects that the player must complete in order to win the game. It cannot be sold or removed once completed, nor can it be destroyed by events.

External Links

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