While crop prices may fluctuate slightly from year to year, corn is generally the cheapest crop in the game. However, the revenue from corn is usually also pretty low compared to other crops.

Relevant Events

If the Corn Harvest Fails, all corn is lost. If the player owns a Crop Insurance, it will pay out in this event.

Corn will also be lost in a Dry Season event, but either a Well or a Crop Insurance will help protect against that.

As with other crops, revenue from corn will be boosted by a Good Season or Splendid Harvest annual event.

In the event of a Civil War, roughly 75% of all crops will be lost.

The Market Prices Drop and Crash of the National Bank events both mean that revenue from crops is lower than usual, around one third of the expected value.


Any tools owned by the player will improve the revenue from all crop types, including corn. The total tools bonus can be seen on the Annual Report.

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