Peanut Crop


Peanuts are the most expensive type of crop in 3rd World Farmer. It is also the one with the most volatile outcomes, which means that it has the best payout in good years and the worst in bad years.

Relevant Events

If the Peanut Harvest Fails, all peanut crops are lost. Unless the player has completed the Crop Insurance project. Then the insurance will pay out.

Peanuts are also lost when there’s a Dry Season event. Either a Well or a Crop Insurance will protect the crop in that case.

Revenue is significantly boosted by a Good Season or Splendid Harvest event.

In the event of a Civil War, roughly 75% of all crops will be lost.

The Market Prices Drop and Crash of the National Bank events both mean that revenue from all crops drops to approximately 33% of the usual value.


Any tools owned by the player will improve the revenue from peanuts and other crops. The total tools bonus can be seen on the Annual Report.

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