A simple farm implement well suited for many of the most basic farming tasks. Adds a small bonus (around 8-10%) to the outcome of all crops harvested. The bonus is cumulative with other tools bonuses and can be seen on the annual report.

Relevant Events

The Angry Mob event causes the player to lose all his tools, including any shovels.

The Theft event will cause a player to lose all shovels (as well as scythes.)

In the event of a Civil War there’s a 75% risk that each owned shovel will be lost or destroyed in the conflict.


A shovel is a cheap tool, but doesn’t contribute much to the crop yield. It’s a good idea to sell it and buy better tools when possible, so it doesn’t block one of the four tool tiles.

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Game Design Note: We could have chosen a multitude of implements to represent the most basic farming tool instead of a shovel, such as a hoe, mattock, jembe, pitchfork, sickle, spade or machete. Everybody would recognize a shovel, though, so that’s what we went with.

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