Project Description


Better roads mean easier access to markets and lower crop prices.

Appearance and In-Game Effects

When the player buys the infrastructure project, an asphalt road across the landscape appears behind the player’s farm. The road can be clicked, which shows the following informational popup:

(People in the local community have followed your example and invested in this asphalt road. The improved infrastructure means that farmers can buy crops at lower prices.)

The in-game effect of completing the infrastructure project is that the buying prices for all ordinary crops will be approximately one dollar lower in all the following years. This includes corn, wheat, cotton, and peanuts, but not poppies.

Additional Info

Infrastructure is one of the six projects that the player must complete in order to win 3rd World Farmer. Like the other projects, it cannot be sold or removed once completed, nor can it be affected or destroyed by annual or special events.

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