Chickens are affordable and rather easy to keep. Every year they will provide the family with a small revenue from meat and eggs.


In order to buy chickens, the player must own at least one shed.

Selling Chickens

Chickens can be sold from the sell menu.

Relevant Events

The Chicken Disease event will cause the player to lose all chickens.

The Angry MobGuerillas, and Refugees events will cause a player to lose all chickens, as well as all other types of livestock. However, the Guerillas event will not affect the player if he has completed the Representative project.

The Civil War event will cause the player to lose approximately three out of four heads of livestock, chosen at random.


Chickens are usually the first type of animals that players can afford to invest in, and they are worthwhile as a means of diversifying from pure crop farming into livestock. This is a good idea, because some events will wipe out all crops, but not affect chickens, and vice versa.

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