About the Special Events in 3rd World Farmer

Unlike the annual events, the special events described here will not neccessarily occur every year, but only some years. They occur in their own popup-window after the annual event, and only if the player is in need of money for the coming season. They’re still not guaranteed to appear in this case, but there’s a small chance that one of them will.

The events each represent an opportunity for making money in a way that is controversial, problematic, unethical, dangerous, or which points to a larger issue in developing countries, or at large.

When 3rd World Farmer is called a ‘thought-provoking’ simulation it is not least due to these dubious deals, which can leave the player with some serious dilemmas.

Special Events

These are all the different kinds of special events in 3rd World Farmer. Some of them are more likely to happen, others are rare or very rare. That some events are very rare adds to the game’s replayability, because it can then still surprise experienced players with events that they’ve never seen before. It’s also a way of focusing our attention more on the common issues and less on the rare ones.

External Links

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