Event Description

Splendid Harvest

The weather has been perfect for the farmers throughout this season, so most are able to harvest twice the expected amount of crops and sell an abundance of livestock.

Annual event modifier of plus 100 percent on base income

In-game Effects

The player earns twice the normal amount on both crops and livestock this year.

External Links

Crop yields can vary depending on many factors, and is often measured in ‘bushels per acre’, as explained here:

The classic game of Hammurabi lets you manage the ancient kingdom of Sumeria. Each year you must decide how many bushels to feed to the people, to plant as seed in the fields, and whether you want to buy or sell additional acres. Rule wisely and don’t let the people starve!

The actual historical King Hammurabi of Babylon is well known for having issued the ‘Code of Hammurabi’ – one of the oldest codes of law covering agriculture and trade.