Event Description

Sickness in the Family

Although the outcome of this year’s farming choices was rather good, your joy is shattered when a member of the family is infected with a deadly disease. You have to spend most of your savings on expensive foreign medicine, praise patent laws!

One family member loses health, and living costs increase this year.

In-game Effects

One randomly chosen farm family member has their health reduced, so that only around 5 health points remain on the scale from 1-100. This, in turn, impacts the family’s total workload capacity, which is based on factors such as the age, level of education and health of the individual members.

Living costs also increase this year, by a random amount. Potentially all the family’s savings could be lost on expensive medicine and treatment.

Additional Info

This event, for reasons of game balance, is more likely to occur when the farm is otherwise doing well and the player is earning money.

External Links

“Africa takes steps to make medicine more affordable”, EURACTIV, 2018:

“Dying from lack of medicines,” Africa Renewal, 2017: